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Starbucks Puppuccino

December 3, 2019

When the holiday season gets into full swing, other areas of our lives can fall through the cracks. There’s shopping and cooking and baking and school plays and….it’s an ongoing onslaught of things that have to be done before New Years. There’s one thing we should always remember, our pets, and especially our dogs, need us. We are their “everything”, the reason they get up in the morning and the reason they wait for hours by the door. Schedule in quality time for your pup. You can even make it family time…playing frisbee in the backyard, pilling up leaves to run through, walks around the neighborhood to see Christmas lights. Zu loves our puppuccino time.

Puppuccinos are a little gift from Starbucks when you visit with your dog. Basically, it’s just heavy whipped cream but you would think Zu had been given Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. We have a tradition that every Sunday, Zu and I go through the drive-thru at Starbucks then a 20 minutes drive around town so he can see the horses in the pastures, bark at unfamiliar dogs and of course bark at the elderly who are just out for a peaceful stroll. Actually, Zu loves our elders and the barking is just because they may not be paying enough attention as drool rains down the side of the car. It’s a big day for him and he will head to the garage door to wait for me to get my act together.

How do you order? Just drive in and place your coffee order, let them know you have your dog along and you’d like a puppuccino. They will usually say to remind them at the window but I’ve never gotten up there and they’ve forgotten. Zu won’t let them forget. As a human flies out of the window to scan my phone, the fierce barking commences. Before he really connected with what these humans had to offer, I think he was confused by half of a human coming out of a window with some sort of gadget on their head. Once he realized they were the source of his treat, he started using the fierce barking to get their attention followed by an impatient, frustrated whine. In his defense, it really does get them moving faster and it draws quite a crowd from the patrons trying to see what breed of dog is making that sound. Once the hand-off is completed, I drive over to a parking spot while fighting off the beastie and trying to avoid covering the inside of my car with whipped cream. Once I give it to him, he gets that glossy-eyed look until the cup has been licked clean. 

This little weekly ritual only takes about 40 minutes of the day  and brings complete joy to him. It really doesn’t take much to make them happy or to show them love during a busy holiday season. And, the best part…it’s FREE! Starbucks doesn’t charge for the puppuccino so get out there and make some memories with your best bud!


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    Jane Caruthers
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