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Baker’s Corner

May 29, 2020

For fans of everything Magnolia, you might enjoy Joanna’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. I really loaded up on cookies and cupcakes the last time I visited the Silos Baking Co. I purchased the Magnolia Table cookbook and have been trying various recipes. The cookies are really good but I’m a fan of butter. Her recipe removes 1 stick of butter and uses all brown sugar. In my recipe, the ratios of sugar are about 3/4 brown, 1/4 white. She has a second cookbook out so I need to grab that one and see what’s new.

Next time you’re near Waco, Texas, stop by Magnolia!

More tested recipes of the week!

If you missed my Pantry Pizza post, take a look. It’s easy to make and you can use anything on hand as toppings.

After months of not seeing family, I’m finally able to head to Louisiana and visit. We’ll be celebrating Mom’s birthday, a little late, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for good measure. My Dad loves Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. I have my own recipe but I saw this one by The Edgewood Baker labeled “Bakery-Style” and was intrigued. They are really good! I don’t usually pre-soak the raisins in water. This recipe uses the soaked raisins and the raisin water.

Tip of the Week:

I’ve been wanting to try this little trick to bake flat cake rounds. Since we’re celebrating my Mom’s birthday, I made the chocolate cake layers at home, then covered them in strawberry simple syrup before freezing. They will need to make the 9 hour journey home in the Igloo. By using simple syrup, the cake will still be perfectly moist when if thaws.

Try my recipe for Simple Syrup! Instead of raspberries, use 8 ounces of fresh, chopped strawberries.

The tip came from A Cozy Kitchen. Just cut a towel in strips, wet it, then secure the strip around the pan with safety pins. You’ll get a nice flat cake layer, no trimming.

I recommend using larger safety pins. It will make it much easier to secure the wet towel strips.

Beautiful flat layers!

Favorite Finds:

Definitely trying these Chipotle BBQ Shrimp Tacos with Creamy Ranch Slaw!

Apples have been on my mind lately and I think this Rustic French Apple Tart will do the trick.

Classic Wedge Salad with a Mexican flavor twist.

I must have about a pound of organic turmeric in the pantry. Time to use some of it up with this Turmeric Latte.

Green Goddess Dressing is easy to make and tastes very fresh on salad.

This Double Kale Gratin is cheesy and has crunchy breadcrumbs! Soooo good!!

Who doesn’t love Maple Coconut Bars? It doesn’t have to be Christmas time to eat them.

Baked Sausages and Apples, an easy pan dinner…recipe includes fingerling potatoes, baby carrots and fresh herbs.

Need an idea for Meatless Mondays? Try Oven Baked Rice and Vegetables in one pan!

Make this gooey Turkey Bacon Avocado Grilled Cheese Sandwich for lunch!


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